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Range Defender

for Battery Electric Vehicles


Blue Skies

The BEV Range Problem

  • Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) fleets continue to grow globally, catalyzed by government incentives, 

  • However, fleet operators with on-road experience operating these zero-emissions vehicles consistently report that it’s very challenging in winter.

  • The parasitic drain of electric heaters on the BEV battery packs reduces driving range by up to 50%! 

The Proof Energy Solution

In direct response to this urgent market need Proof Energy has fast-tracked the development of one of our fuel cell subsystems and packaged it as a standalone product.

Proof Energy’s proprietary ClearTherm® zero emissions catalytic oxidation heaters provide a breakthrough range extender solution for BEVs operating in cold climates:

•    Runs on readily available, low-cost bioethanol fuel
•    Delivers zero NOx, SOx, HCs, CO & particulate emissions
•    Provides up to 12kW of thermal output
•    Interfaces with existing vehicle coolant-based heating systems
•    Communicates using standard CAN protocol
•    Replaces conventional diesel fuel-fired and electric heaters
•    Meets CARB standards and requirements (certification pending)

Blue Skies

Zero Emissions
Catalytic Oxidation Heaters

Blue Skies

ClearTherm Specifications

ClearTherm Specs Table.jpg
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