Direct Ethanol
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
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About Us


Proof Energy Inc. is a technology solution provider for the transportation industry, moving businesses into the future with cost effective, commercially available renewable energy sources.

We are revolutionizing the future of automobile and transport industry with our Direct Ethanol Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Range Extender. State-of-the art energy solution to reduce the dependency on non-renewable energy sources, to create a positive influence on green economy, environment and financial benefits for OEM's and commercial vehicle fleet operators.

We work towards a better tomorrow by providing the right technologies today.



  • Range extender for class 3 - 8 commercial vehicles

  • 50 kW - 200 kW Direct Ethanol Solid Oxide Fuel Cell modular systems

  • Metal-supported SOFC technology

  • Ruggedness, tolerance to rapid thermal cycling and redox cycling.